WOW! Watch Migrants STORM the Beach and STUN Sunbathers!

At this point, it is undeniable that Europe is being invaded by Islamic migrants.

Now, they’re literally storming the beaches of Europe, as seen below in this recent video shot on a Spanish beach: Islamic migrants land their craft on the beach and proceed into the crowd, completely defiant of migration laws.

When foreigners land boats on your shores, then proceed to dominate your lands and choke out your culture, it is an outright act of war, and that is exactly what is happening to Europe.

Europeans are being conquered by Islamic migrants, and their culture is slowly being erased and replaced with that of the invaders.

As we’ve seen for years, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Spain, and so many more European countries are being absolutely dominated by these Muslim migrants, who are now brazenly arriving on their shores without even trying to come in as “refugees.”

There is no other explanation, this is a full-scale invasion, and the “new arrivals” see it as such; they’re trained and taught before they embark to their new “home” to spread out, have as many children as possible, take full advantage of the welfare system and all government benefit programs, and DEMAND that their “culture” be respected and forced onto the native people.

If Europe does not take strong action against these invaders, there is no hope that their culture or people will survive: they are being conquered slowly, and their time is quickly running out…

H/T – PatriotBeat

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