Will Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe?

Massive Trump supporter and former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio and was just convicted of a criminal charge.

Arpaio was found guilty of for refusing to stop traffic patrols that targeted illegals.

Absolutely ridiculous!

We think Trump needs to pardon Arpaio. Do you agree?

From ABC Arizona

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of a criminal charge Monday for refusing to stop traffic patrols that targeted immigrants, marking a final rebuke for a politician who once drew strong popularity from such crackdowns but was ultimately booted from office as voters became frustrated over his headline-grabbing tactics and deepening legal troubles.

The verdict from U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton represents a victory for critics who voiced anger over Arpaio’s unusual efforts to get tough on crime, including jailing inmates in tents during triple-digit heat, forcing them to wear pink underwear and making hundreds of arrests in crackdowns that divided immigrant families.

When reached for comment by ABC15 on Monday morning, Arpaio said his “main reaction was disappointment.”

Arpaio will now appeal Judge Bolton’s verdict in order to get a trial by jury, according to a statement from his attorneys.

“Her verdict is contrary to what every single witness testified in the case,” the statement read.

“Arpaio believes that a jury would have found in his favor, and that it will.”


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