WIKILEAKS : Snooty Hillary Camp Calls Bernie and 2nd Amendment Supporters “GUN NUTS”

The Hillary campaign has so much contempt for middle-class America, Bernie Sanders, and his supporters.

They hate pretty much everyone who is not elite, like them.

It’s shocking.

I read these emails daily and am blown away by the name-calling and disrespectful tone and attitude from these supposed “loving liberals.”

They enjoy attacking Bernie and his supporters most of all.

Based on all of the information released by Wikileaks, I wonder how he can stump for her, but even more so, how could any Bernie supporter vote for Hillary?

Especially after Wikileaks exposed her deep ties and support of Wall Street, her hatred for Bernie’s movement and the people who supported him, her pay to play scam, the greed, and the overall nasty “mean girl” tone of her campaign, not to mention the hidden camera investigation by James O’Keefe which exposed Hillary and the DNC paying domestic terrorists (many dressed as Bernie supporters) to incite violence at Trump rallies.

…and the rigging and the cheating…

How on earth could anyone support her after ALL THAT?

Once again, we have another name-calling email from the “Mean Girl” Clinton camp.

This one compares Bernie to Ron Paul, and AGAIN paints him as a bumbling “DOOFUS” (a word he was called in an earlier email) who can’t answer questions.

Which is ironic, since Hillary is unable to answer a single “unplanned question.”

In addition to painting Bernie like an old hairbrained dingbat, they also call him a GUN NUT.

So, I guess the Hillary campaign thinks anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment is a GUN NUT?

Gee, that’s an awful lot of Americans, Hillary.

Aren’t you getting sick and tired of being called names by a rich old white lady and her team of servants?


Link to email.

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