WIKILEAKS : CNN Clown Jake Tapper Cries to Clinton Campaign When People are “MEAN TO HIM”

Our media is a total clown show.

They’ve been shameless shills for a while now.

However, as of late, they’ve gone “full retard” and have morphed into a North Korea-style government-run propaganda machine that exists solely to elect Hillary Clinton.

Things have gotten so bad that it’s turned into a war.

Us (meaning Team Trump) versus the dishonest, lying, liberal, globalist media.

Case in point:

CNN’s chief CLOWN Jake Tapper runs like a crying schoolgirl to Hillary’s campaign chair John Podesta when someone is “mean” to him online.

So, let me get this straight…..

The Clinton campaign is Jake’s “safe space?”

Certainly looks like it – and boy, does that make sense, right?

Check out what he wrote to Podesta:

My friend (Lizzy) tweeted this out and Jake responded back to her tweet with the dumbest excuse I have ever heard.

I then responded to Jake.

Jake, let your pals at CNN know that the ALT MEDIA is doing the job of the lying dishonest North Korea-style media.


….and Jake, don’t worry pal, only 2 million or so people will see this today.

Hurry up and email Podesta for advice on what to do next.


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