WIKILEAKS : PROOF Hillary Does Not Want To Vet the Syrian Refugees

If elected, Hillary Clinton will FLOOD American with Syrian and Somali refugees, knowing full well we have no way to properly vet these people.

Also, she knows FULL WELL that they come from countries that routinely abuse women, gays, and animals.

Abuse and disrespect towards women and gays is part of their culture and a way of life for them.

That’s why in Europe they have a RAPE CRISIS.

These men look at all women as objects for THEIR pleasure.

And if you don’t think it can and will happen here, you’re an idiot.

When Hillary supporter and Univision chairman Haim Saban gave an interview to The Wrap and said that Muslim refugees should be “scrutinized” he was chastised by top Hillary aide, Huma Abedin, saying, “Your views are not consistent with HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton).”


So, Hillary is not interested in SCRUTINIZING Muslim refugees?

That’s what we thought.


Link to email.

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