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Why The Hell Are We Importing Half-a-Million “Refugees” From Countries That Execute Gays?

Like it or not,

Your Culture Defines You

So why the hell are we bringing in half-a-million “refugees” from countries that despise gays and execute them?

I’m not OK with that, are you?

Do we honestly believe hatred like that magically disappears the moment you step on American soil?

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Poof, gone!

Breitbart has issued a report showing at least 674,920 foreign immigrants were resettled in the United States between 2001 to 2014, from countries who execute gay people.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in charge of screening visas for admission. During her “reign of terror” Hillary Clinton admitted in 250,387 foreign immigrants from countries who execute gays and lesbians.

As legal immigrants, these folks will have voting privileges, federal welfare benefits, and can bring over family members from anti-gay countries.

Donald Trump has correctly stated that the values of radical Islam, which our president is importing into America, and Hillary wants to increase, are not compatible with our Western values. However, I will take it a step further and say that so-called “moderate Muslim” countries like Saudi Arabia, our “ally,” are equally incompatible with our Western culture, as they also execute gays and abuse women.

Trump’s America First strategy places ALL AMERICANS above foreign interests – that means not only American prosperity but American safety too.

Below is a partial list of gay-hating countries, as compiled by the Washington Post, and the number of immigrants settled info the U.S as compiled by Breitbart-

In Yemen, “According to the 1994 penal code, married men can be sentenced to death by stoning for homosexual intercourse. Unmarried men face whipping or one year in prison. Women face up to seven years in prison.”

37,648 Yemen immigrants resettle in the U.S. on green cards between 2001 – 2014.

In Iran, “in accordance with sharia law, homosexual intercourse between men can be punished by death, and men can be flogged for lesser acts such as kissing. Women may be flogged,” the Washington Post reports.

178,146 Iranian nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Iraq, “the penal code does not expressly prohibit homosexual acts, but people have been killed by militias and sentenced to death by judges citing sharia law.”  According to Pew, almost all Muslims in Iraq (91%) support sharia law as official law.

135,229  Iraqi nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Mauritania, “Muslim men engaging in homosexual sex can be stoned to death, according to a 1984 law. Women face prison,” notes the Washington Post.

5,601 Foreign nationals from Mauritania permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Nigeria, “federal law classifies homosexual behavior as a felony punishable by imprisonment, but several states have adopted sharia law and imposed a death penalty for men. A law signed in early January makes it illegal for gay people countrywide to hold a meeting or form clubs,” the Washington Post reports.

163,279 Nigerian nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Qatar, “Sharia law… applies only to Muslims, who can be put to death for extramarital sex, regardless of sexual orientation,” the Washington Post writes.

2,128 foreign nationals from Qatar permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Saudi Arabia, “under the country’s interpretation of sharia law, a married man engaging in sodomy or any non-Muslim who commits sodomy with a Muslim can be stoned to death. All sex outside of marriage is illegal,” the Washington Post reports.

17,589 Saudi nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Somalia, “The penal code stipulates prison, but in some southern regions, Islamic courts have imposed Sharia law and the death penalty,” writes the Washington Post.

82,759 Somali nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In Sudan, “three-time offenders under the sodomy law can be put to death; first and second convictions result in flogging and imprisonment. Southern parts of the country have adopted more lenient laws,” the Washington Post reports.

42,388 Sudanese nationals permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

In the United Arab Emirates, “Lawyers in the country and other experts disagree on whether federal law prescribes the death penalty for consensual homosexual sex or only for rape. In a recent Amnesty International report, the organization said it was not aware of any death sentences for homosexual acts. All sexual acts outside of marriage are banned,” writes the Washington Post.

10,153 Foreign nationals from United Arab Emirates permanently resettled in U.S. since 2001.

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