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Well, Well, Well…Look Who Thought Trump Was Too Weak on N. Korea

This is ironic…

President Trump has recently come under fire for his threats against North Korea, with many saying they’re too extreme.

Quite frankly, we don’t think they’re harsh enough.

But back during the 2016 election, Hillary was constantly saying that Trump was too weak on North Korea!

This is another example of Democrat hypocrisy, and just goes to show that nothing President Trump says or does will ever be “good enough” for them.

Democrats have a lot of nerve criticizing Trump in his handling of North Korea, especially considering they are largely responsible for the fact that the rogue nation has nuclear weaponry in the first place.

President Trump inherited a complete mess, not just at home, but abroad, thanks to decades of weak and  failed foreign policy.

Rather than criticize the way he’s handling it, we should be coming together as a country to support our president during this time of international crisis.

From The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump, who the Clinton campaign previously said was too weak on North Korea, has delivered a series of tough warnings to Pyongyang over the past week, eliciting strong criticisms from the left for being unnecessarily aggressive and escalatory.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff criticized Trump for an unwillingness to get tough on North Korea, but while the Trump administration has made friendly overtures to North Korea, Trump is now threatening the use of military force against the regime.

“Donald Trump’s statements about North Korea show that he has more interest in making Kim Jong Un like him than backing up our friends and allies in the region,” Clinton aide Jake Sullivan told Reuters last June, referencing Trump’s willingness to sit down with North Korean leadership and his complaints about American allies in the Asia Pacific not covering the cost of defense.

Sullivan said that Trump’s statements would only make Kim Jong Un more provocative.

“This is another reminder that America must elect a president who can confront the threats we face with steadiness and strength,” Hillary Clinton said, after the North conducted a fifth nuclear test in September last year.