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WATCH : TURNS OUT Trump’s Plan for Afghanistan Is MUCH SAFER Than Obama’s

President Trump addressed the nation, where he spoke about his plans for the country of Afghanistan.

While initially in favor of a complete withdrawal from the country, after consulting with his top generals, Trump has realized that may not be the best plan.

After watching the disastrous troop pullout from Iraq, under Obama’s failed leadership, and the power vacuum it created, it was clear that leaving the country would allow ISIS to take over completely, just as they did in Iraq.

One startling difference between President Trump’s plan and the awful judgement Obama used in handling our military affairs is that Trump refused to give details; something Obama gave freely, which put our soldiers in harm’s way and aided the enemy.

President Trump is not looking to “play nice” with Islamic terrorists, he’s looking to kill them and to ensure that they do not gain ground.

Obama was more worried about appeasing Islamic terrorists like the Taliban and ISIS than he was concerned about our troops’ safety, and freely broadcasted the movements and plans of our soldiers, as well as their numbers.

This tactic, which was seen by many as deliberate, got good soldiers killed, and allowed the enemy to evade and avoid United States military personnel.

Unlike the weak and ineffective Obama, President Trump is a strong leader, and our military has much faith in him; after seeing the way he handled things tonight, it’s clear why they do.