Warren Blasted for Claiming to Have ‘Deep and Authentic’ Christian Faith

How many times have we seen the same thing: the left relentlessly and ruthlessly mocks Christians, calling them “bigots” and “stupid” among other insults, then, when election time draws near, suddenly all the liberal candidates are “Christians” too?

This has been a standard practice among Democrats for decades, and as the party who fights against Christianity, their hypocrisy is almost laughable.

Now, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who many believe is eyeing a 2020 Presidential run, is trying to “rebrand” herself as a Christian, with “deep and authentic” faith.

This is pathetic, as Warren is a vocal supporter of abortion, as well a supporter of many other forms of left-wing degeneracy and general anti-Christian themes.

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Warren is now trotting out a pastor to help try to rebuild her image as one of a devout Christian, but after years of spewing radical left-wing progressive ideology, does she really expect anyone to buy it?

In fact, many of her critics have immediately called Warren out for exactly what this is: a pathetic attempt to appeal to black voters and evangelical voters, and a complete insult to them as well.

One of the biggest pro-life advocates, Obianuju Ekeocha, slammed Warren for her phony Christian narrative, and called her out for being one of Planned Parenthood’s most vocal supporters.

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