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Wall Street Journal FORCED to Admit Key Trump Jobs Policy is WORKING!

President Trump’s “Hire American” policies are working, and he’s putting Americans back to work faster than any president in modern history.

Even the Wall Street Journal admitted that Trump’s recent policy changes are forcing employers to hire more Americans at higher wages.

This comes after decades of establishment elite politicians, both “Republicans” and Democrats, who happily outsourced our jobs overseas, and filled domestic jobs with foreign migrants and illegal aliens.

President Trump promised to put America back to work, and he’s doing just that: not only has he created over 1 MILLION jobs since his first six months in office, but he’s making it so that these jobs go to AMERICAN citizens, not foreigners.

Folks, this is called WINNING!

From Breitbart

President Donald Trump’s populist “Hire American” policy is forcing employers to hire more Americans at higher wages, theWall Street Journal admits.

The pressure is highlighted by seasonal employers in Massachusetts who were forced to hire Americans when Trump’s populist coalition stymied their lobbying efforts to expand the use of H-2B foreign contract workers.

According to the Journal, which has long urged the large-scale use of foreign workers:

“I have more Americans working than I’ve ever had,” says Josh Aronie, executive chef at the Home Port Restaurant in the Vineyard fishing village of Menemsha.

He also reports his restaurant has been short of staff and many of the workers he does have don’t know the basics of cooking or even how to read the orders…

Nationwide data on the leisure and hospitality sector also shows a tightening labor market.

In June, average hourly earnings in the sector increased 4% from a year earlier, according to government data analyzed by Moody’s Analytics …

At the Home Port Restaurant in Menemsha, Mr. Aronie recalls meeting with his small staff in a panic this June just a few days before the scheduled opening.

He had applied for 18 H-2B visa workers and received none.

Because of the staffing crunch, the restaurant initially was open just five nights a week, and didn’t open for lunch until late July.

Mr. Aronie jokes about the qualification he requires for hiring: “Are you breathing? Excellent.” He has paid a premium to hire three people via a Boston-based temp agency.

Many seasonal employers prefer to hire H-2B workers instead of Americans because those visa workers must stay with the company for the entire season and must work at government-set hourly rates.

Those lower rates for seasonal workers also allow employers to pay lower rates to full-time, year-round American staff.