VIRAL VIDEO : Country Singer’s Hilarious Hit Song “I Think My Dog’s a Democrat”

As it turns out, dogs apparently have an awful lot in common with Democrats.

Country singer Bryan Lewis feeds his dog, gives him a place to live, provides his medical care… it all sounds exactly like what Hillary and Bernie supporters want from our government…

adly, the things we provide for our pets are identical to the mindset of far too many Democrats today.

Just like Lewis’s dog, We the people pay for the majority of the cradle-to-the-grave needs of a growing segment of our society.

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We also cover the costs of the needs of millions of illegal immigrants — despite what liberal career politicians try to make us believe otherwise.

Increasing the entitlement state is not only expensive for our wallets, but it is also costing us an entire generation of Americans. Liberal elites and their socialist ideals are destroying this once great nation.

The mindset of today’s youth clearly illustrates how destructive the politically correct indoctrination in public schools has become. The protesting millennial snowflakes have no clue about either American history or the meaning of the words contained within our Constitution.

The Cloward and Piven strategy has almost succeeded in overwhelming and collapsing the system in the United States.

It has taken decades for the full impact of the 1960s socialists to come to pass. More Americans are now living off taxpayer-funded government programs than are actually working and paying into the system. That is a recipe for total dependence upon big daddy federal government and, ultimately, a complete and total economic collapse!

Thwarting the full on slaughter of American principles and values spurred the movement which drove Donald Trump to the White House. We the People finally banded together and seemingly insurmountable odds and said, “Enough!”

It was a now or never situation. We had just one final chance to get things right and put the right leader in the Oval Office, or watch the total unraveling of our country before our very eyes.

H/ T – AngryPatriot



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