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VIRAL! Man Confronts Pelosi with BOLD Prediction that Has Her Running Scared

A man on the street walked up to Nancy Pelosi, and what happened next was awesome.

As Nancy breezed by, the man called out to her.

Pelosi turned around and headed towards the man, who shook her hand.

The man then told Nancy that “Prison time is coming soon, be ready!”

We assume his comments are in regards to the DNC scandal involving House Democrats, who used a family of foreign nationals as IT techs.

One of the brothers, Imran Awan was recently arrested on bank fraud charges at Dulles Aiport as he was trying to escape home to Pakistan.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had this man, who many suspect was blackmailing Dems, on her payroll up until the very day he was arrested.

Pelosi is the lead Democrat in the House.

As the House minority leader, what exactly did she know about all of this?

Watch the video:

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