VIDEO : #Women’sMarch Linda Sarsour Told Maddow “Islamic Children Are Executed In The U.S.”

Back in February of 2015, Linda Sarsour visited progressive mouthpiece Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

They discussed Islamic migrant communities in America where she claimed that Islamic children were being executed in America and complained that 22 States have passed anti-Sharia Law bills.

Sharia law is an oppressive culture where women are forced to cover their bodies and can not drive or even sit at the same table as men in many cases. It is a sick relic of the past that should be eliminated, but instead liberals are trying to proliferate it in the United States.

Linda Sarsour is one of the organizers for the “Women’s March,” has links to Hamas, is pro-Sharia Law and has a photo floating around of her doing the ISIS “One-fingered Salute.

She’s really something else…

Watch the video:

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