VIDEO : These 4 HYPOCRITES Voted for a BORDER FENCE in 2006

By now you’ve heard all the “liberal logic” talking points about President Trump’s border wall.

“Build Bridges Not WALLS”

“The Wall is a Symbol of HATE”

Or most recently, Nancy Pelosi claiming “The Wall is a sign of WEAKNESS.”

It’s all baloney.

Everyone know we have laws that need to be enforced.

In 2006, Obama, Hillary, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden ALL VOTED YES for a Trump “Border Fence” with Mexico.

What changed since then?

Well, the Democrats have lost a lot of power and illegal immigrants from Mexico that are given amnesty vote Democrat.

The left has gotten even further left to the point where criminal trespassers play the “victim card” and politicians play the role of the SYMPATHETIC ones.

It’s all an absolute disgrace.

Open borders is not sympathetic to the victims of illegal immigrant crime.

It’s not sympathetic to Americans who don’t appreciate our country being INVADED and liberal politicians acting as enablers.


Watch the video:


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