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VIDEO : Sorry Chicago, Spicer Says you Can’t be a SANCTUARY CITY and BEG FOR FEDERAL MONEY

Chicago’s WBBM Derrick Blakley asked Spicer about a so-called “contradiction” in Trump’s sanctuary city policy.

Blakley asked, “Chicago gets about $12 million dollars a year in law enforcement assistance from the federal government. Would President Trump cut off those funds due to the sanctuary city status even though it would greatly hamper the police fight against street violence, something the President has repeatedly said troubles him greatly?”

Spicer response was brilliant.

You can’t be a sanctuary city and beg for money, especially when you’re allowing in illegals who have gang affiliations and are committing crimes.

What Chicago has lost and continues to lose is 100% on Rahm Emanuel.


Watch the video:

H/T – Young Cons

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