VIDEO : Sore Loser Megyn Kelly Claims Media Was in the Tank For Donald Trump

This has got to be the most outrageous claim ever from Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly claims the Media was in the tank for…….Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows: (via PamKey)

KURTZ: Certain TV hosts were in the tank for Donald Trump, you say, and to the point where you say that they would arrange with Trump in advance to ask him critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility. So are you suggesting they were play acting?

KELLY: Yes. It was acting.

KURTZ: This was more than one network you say.


KURTZ: But you can’t tell us who?

KELLY: No because these were off-the-record conversations that I was privy too, that I’m not at liberty to reveal. While I would love to tell you who it was, I have this information and I’m not allowed to name names. Trust me, it did happen and it’s been confirm by more than one television executive.

First of all, polls have shown that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY is aware that the Media was very much AGAINST Donald Trump.

This has further been confirmed by Wikileaks showing collusion among the DNC, Hillary Campaign and  and outlets including CNN, Politico, Huffington Post, MSNBC, etc.

Megyn Kelly is thus literally in “opposite world” in her claim that the Media was in the tank for Donald Trump.

Sour grapes from the original Trump-hater.

Watch the video:

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