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VIDEO : Sarah Huckabee DESTROYS the Fake Stream Media “They Want to Talk About Things That Don’t Exist”

Everyone has grown so sick and tired of the Fake Stream Media.

They have taken a phony Russia conspiracy story with ZERO evidence, spun it every way possible, and report on it daily as if it’s “breaking news.”

The Russia/Trump collusion story is the fakest news story since “Hands up don’t shoot.”

And the reason the lying liberal media beats this Russia garbage into the ground is to continue their smear campaign against President Trump.

Meanwhile, real news is happening, like an improving economy, a YUGE manufacturing BOOST, hopeful Americans, ISIS being obliterated, yet, all we hear about is Russia, Russia, Russia.

Sarah Huckabee, daughter of Governor Mike Huckabee, put it best when she said the media wants to talk about “things that don’t exist.”

Exactly, right.

Watch the video:

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