VIDEO : MLK’s Niece SHREDS John Lewis After He FOOLISHLY Smears Trump

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece called President Trump the leader of civil rights….

For the unborn.

During a Sunday appearance on “Fox and Friends” Dr. Alveda King responded to comments by Democratic Rep. John Lewis who said Trump is “uncaring” about the civil rights movement.

“The president is certainly fighting for civil rights today for the little unborn persons in the womb who have a right to live,” said King, who is the director of anti-abortion group Civil Rights for the Unborn.

In response to Lewis saying he doesn’t think Trump knows about the struggle and history of the civil rights movement, King said the president is “knowledgeable of much of the history of African Americans” and has “surrounded himself” with African American leaders.

“Trump himself is a very brilliant man. I believe he is compassionate,” she added.

Watch the video:

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