VIDEO : Megyn Kelly Defends the Establishment Media, Gets Promptly Destroyed on YouTube

Megyn Kelly attempted to defend the disgraced establishment media.

“The media we’re easy to hate,” but “what we do actually is important,” Kelly said.

Does Megyn Kelly really thinks people are stupid?

Does she realize that the media has been BUSTED for spending 23 times more time covering Trump’s Accusers than on Hillary’s damning Wikileaks revelations?

Does she realize that the latest Gallup poll shows only 32% trust the media?

Does she realize that 71% DO NOT trust Media’s “fact checking?”

Apparently not. After her video defending the media, the reaction on YouTube was swift.

304 THUMBS DOWN compared to only 60 THUMBS UP. 


Nice try, Megyn.

The Top Comments were rightfully BRUTAL against Megyn and her sock puppet Stirewalt.


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