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VIDEO: Looters Stoop to New Lows in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Despite the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, we’ve seen so many powerful examples of Americans coming together to help one another, despite our many differences.

Sadly, as with any disaster, there will always be a few bad guys who will take advantage of the mass-scale suffering in order to make an easy buck.

We’ve heard some shocking reports of looters in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, with some going so far as to brag about their crimes on social media.

This one, however, reaches a new low.

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Apparently, looters ransacked the house of an elderly flood victim, a 90-year-old woman who was unable to escape, and ultimately drowned; that didn’t stop the thieves from taking her possessions, however.

The victim’s neighbor, Michele Poche, swam through 10 feet of floodwaters to check on her elderly neighbor, and found her drowned.

That’s when she discovered that looters had also stolen her things, in a shocking and disgusting display of indecency.

Despite this tragedy, the heroism of Michele Poche, who risked life and limb to check on her neighbor, is commendable and admirable, and is a testament to how loving and strong Americans are.

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