VIDEO : Katrina Pierson – Obama’s ‘DACA is Unconstitutional’

While the liberal media attempts to manipulate the American people into believing it’s cruel to simply enforce our immigration laws, Katrina Pierson fights back by reminding us all that Obama’s dreamer act is unconstitutional to begin with.

Appearing on Fox News, Pierson explains:

This President is also the rule of law President. DACA is unconstitutional. This is something President Obama did as an overreach because Congress failed to act. This was because the gang of 8 bill failed. The people did not want that. Amnesty is NOT great for the country. We’ve tried it, it did not work. The borders are not secure right now. We have to get these things done first. The debate is about keeping an unconstitutional law on the books to benefit people who broke the law.”

Watch the video:

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