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VIDEO: Katrina Pierson Nearly Brings Liberal Defending DACA to Tears

Moments ago on the Martha MacCallum show, Katrina Pierson debated liberal Obama DACA supporter Richard Fowler.

Democrats love to play the sympathy card for Obama’s “dreamers” even thought their parents broke the law to get them here and most of them are not children at all but between the ages of 22-26.

Notice that Democrats seem unconcerned about the REAL children who have to wait on line patiently to get here LEGALLY by doing things the right way.

Pierson defends the need for law and order:

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“If you are in this country illegally, the laws should be enforced and ultimately that means deportation if you do not do things the correct way…We keep talking about this as if these are some children. These are adults in their 20s and 30s who are knowingly and willingly in this country.”

Richard Fowler, an Obama supporting liberal, can not grasp the basic concept and thinks illegal parents should be INCENTIVIZED to trespass to the U.S by giving their children a free pass as soon as they make it through.

Watch the video:

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