VIDEO : Hannity SHREDS McConnell “Stop Whining and Get to Work”

We’ve been hearing about repealing and replacing Obamacare for SEVEN YEARS.

But when the most opportune time came to repeal it, Mitch McConnell failed to execute.

Since then, he’s been whining and carrying on over the repeal, but Hannity tells him to get it together on health care or go home.

McConnell has refused to take any of the blame regarding his failure, and instead has tried to shift the blame to President Trump.

After he and his RINO buddies screwed the American people over by failing to do the one thing they squawked about for seven years, McConnell has a lot of nerve to try to blame our president, who hasn’t been in office for seven MONTHS.

These establishment elite, career politicians do not care about the American people, and they’ve shown it time and time again; they need to be removed from office, voted out, and never allowed to “represent” us ever again…

Watch the video:

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