Video : Crooked Hillary Clinton is the “Nixon” of Our Time, Only MUCH WORSE

The PAY TO PLAY bribery scam that Hillary Clinton ran out the state department is yet another example of the corrupt and greedy Clinton political machine that mows down the innocent American people as it careens towards global dominance.

Simply put, Hillary Clinton sold off chunks of America to the highest bidder in order to line her pockets.

What she did perils in comparison to what Richard Nixon resigned over, which amounted to listening in on “Democrat strategy.”

There’s not even a comparison.

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Add to that, the fact that the entire Clinton Foundation is a fraud.

Recent analysis shows that as little as 10% of the funds given to the Clinton foundation actually reach charitable causes.

That means the rest of the money goes to fund the Clintons, corruption, and for “follow through” on favors for foreign governments and multinational corporations.

Arguably, Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician of our lifetime.

The video exposes Hillary’s crimes and scandal as far worse than anything Nixon did with Watergate.

Why is she still running for president?

Watch the video:

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