VIDEO : Black Homeless Woman Claims Trump Has Allowed her to Live Rent-Free in Trump Tower for Nine Years

A woman who was homeless 9 years ago, claims she has been living rent-free at Trump Tower for 9 years.

The woman claims 9 years ago she made her way to Trump Tower, where she squatted in an empty room.

She says that her stay was quickly interrupted by a maid, who discovered her and called Management.

When she refused to leave, she says that Mr. Trump was contacted.

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The woman claims Mr. Trump met with her and after they talked she says he allowed her to stay.

That was 9 years ago.

She says she gets 3 meals a day and fresh flowers every week.

She claims not know why Mr. Trump helped her, but she wants everyone to know that he is a good man.

Watch the video:

H/T – Infowars

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