U.S. Customs Agents Discover “Drug Flinging” Catapult on Southern Border

Border and Customs agents discovered and dismantled a “drug flinging” catapult on the Southern border.

Brazen dealers were hurling drugs over the border using the medieval device.

I think the Trump Wall just got 10 feet higher.

From American Mirror

Drug runners are getting more clever: Instead of driving or carrying drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border, they’ll just fling them over.

Recently, Douglas Station Border Patrol agents seized two bundles of marijuana that had been launched across the border from Mexico near Tucson, according to Customs and Border Patrol.

The agency says the culprits used a catapult that had been attached to the Mexico side of the border fence to fling drugs into America.

“While patrolling an area east of the Douglas Port of Entry on Feb. 10, agents noticed several people on the south side quickly retreating from the fence as they approached. When agents arrived at the fence they found a catapult system attached to the south side of the border fence. They searched the area and located two bundles of marijuana,” according to the CBP.

Agents contacted Mexican border security. U.S. Border Patrol dismantled the catapult system and it was seized by Mexican authorities.

U.S. agents took possession of the 47 pounds of marijuana.

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