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U.S. Battle Commander Praises Trump’s Unwavering Support for the Military

Long before Donald Trump ever considered becoming “President Trump,” he has been an outspoken supporter of our military.

Trump holds our servicemen and women in the highest regard, and unlike Obama, values each and every member of our military, and is dedicated to making their lives better and safer.

As North Korea continues to escalate tensions, and appears to be determined to instigate a war, the left has taken the opportunity to turn on Trump, along with traitorous scumbags like the wretched John McCain.

Now, one U.S. battle commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, is speaking up and singing the praises of our president.

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General Townsend made sure to highlight the fact that President Trump has encouraged decision making among the military, rather than barking orders at them like Obama did.

Townsend praised Trump’s policy of letting the military experts handle situations without being second guessed and grilled after the fact.

One thing is clear, the military loves President Trump, and appreciates being respected and valued, something many soldiers who served under Obama never experienced.

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