Trump’s New Immigration Crackdown Leads to Higher Construction Wages

President Trump’s crackdown on illegals is already having a positive impact on American workers!

The construction industry is now set to see a HUGE increase in wages.

After decades of stiffing American born citizens in favor of cheap, subpar labor from illegal aliens, the construction industry is now seeing a boom in hiring American workers.

In a way, it’s a real shame that it took a Presidential mandate to force these people to hire AMERICANS instead of illegals, but they’ve been allowed to get away with it for decades.

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Now, under President Trump, Americans are seeing jobs that were once all but completely lost to illegals being opened up again, and it’s amazing.

Wonder how the media will spin this to be a negative?

From Breitbart

In a new report by Fox News, Texas construction companies admitted that Trump’s increased enforcement of immigration was forcing them to pay higher wages to U.S. construction workers.

Fox News reported:

“Half of the workers in construction in Texas are undocumented,” [Stan Marek, CEO of Marek Construction] said.

“We do hear that there are a lot of undocumented workers that are leaving the state, going to other states that don’t have the anti-immigrant sentiment and many of them are going back to Mexico.”

Ted Wilson with Residential Strategies, Inc. has run the numbers.

“We’ve seen direct construction costs climb by over 30 percent,” Wilson said, “and a lot of that is directly attributed to what builders are having to pay their subs and trades in wages.”

Meaning, with so few workers out there, construction companies have had to pay more to attract them, which adds to the cost of a home.

The big business lobby and CEOs have long criticized Trump’s immigration crackdown, primarily because their businesses have a direct interest in keeping the pipeline of low-skilled foreign workers coming to the U.S. to drive down the cost of American wages.

Trump’s most recent endorsement of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) RAISE Act, which would cut legal immigration in half in order to drive up the wages of U.S. workers, has shown a renewed commitment to the economic nationalist agenda that propelled his election.

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