Trump Supporters SHRED FAKE ABC Trump Approval Poll

ABC News is pushing a totally fake “Trump Approval” poll that shows his numbers in the tank.

FYI: The poll is total garbage and fake news.

These are the same idiots, who, during the 2016 election, put out garbage poll after garbage poll, claiming Hillary was ahead and going to win the election.

We all know how that turned out.

Fake, over-sampled polls were yet another “tool” in the war chest the lying liberal media used to try and take down Trump.

They’re doing it again, only this time, in an effort to destroy Trump’s presidency.

The ABC Poll falsely claims President Trump attempted to discredit a new poll that found his approval rating sits at 36 percent, the lowest six-month approval rating of any past president in polls going back decades.

Trump is fighting back.

He sent out this tweet about the garbage poll.

Trump supporters also are fighting back.

They took to Twitter to fire back at the fake poll.



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