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Trump Supporters DEMOLISH Warren After Her Dumb Twitter Comment

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren just can’t get Russia off her brain.

The loopy senator decided to go on a rambling, paranoia-tinged Twitter rant today, raving on and on about Russia and Putin and President Trump.

Apparently, she’s too stupid to realize that the majority of Americans just do not give a damn about any of it, because it doesn’t matter and it is obviously fake news.

The only people who DO care about anything to do with Russia are elite Democrat politicians and brain addled liberal snowflakes, and neither group is “in touch” with the country or reality itself.

Warren, like the rest of the pathetic liberal crybabies, is simply unable to cope with the fact that President Trump won, Hillary Clinton lost, and their perverted “progressive” agenda is being dismantled before their very eyes.

Trump supporters quickly reminded the loopy dingbat just what the majority of the country feels about all this Russian BS…