Traitor Obama Attacks Trump, U.S. Nationalism in U.N. Speech, Says Globalism is “WORTH GIVING UP SOME FREEDOM” For

By Edmund Kozak – Lifezette

President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday morning, defending globalization and attacking those who wish to defend their national sovereignty and interests.

His message was clear: The nations of the world must forfeit their own security, both physical and economic, and their cultural identities to advance the one global order.

“I am convinced in the long run, giving up some freedom of action … enhances our security.”

“I believe at this moment we all face a choice” between a “better model of cooperation and integration” and a “retreat into a world that’s sharply divided,” Obama said. “We must go forward and not backward.”

Obama criticized the “alternative visions of the world [that] have pressed forward” in the face of globalization. “I do not believe those visions can deliver security or prosperity over the long term,” he said. “The answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration.”

He singled out particularly an “aggressive form of nationalism” and a “populism from the Right” that harkens back to a “better age free from outside contamination,” a clear reference to Donald Trump and the host of national conservative and populist parties across Europe that continue to rise in the polls.

In fact, Obama took a thinly veiled shot at Trump himself in defending global cooperation in the face of diseases like the Zika virus. “Mosquitoes don’t respect walls,” Obama said.

The president insisted that “the world is too small — we are too hacked together — for us to be able to resort to those old ways of thinking.”

And of course, one can’t have a nationless world without a borderless one, and Obama did his best Tuesday to advocate mass Muslim migration.

“We have to open our hearts and do more to help refugees who are desperate to find a home,” Obama said. “We have to follow through, even when the politics are hard.”

“We should all understand that ultimately our world will be more secure if we are prepared to help those in need,” Obama said. This is demonstrable nonsense. A series of terrorist attacks and the veritable epidemic of rape and sexual assault in Europe that arrived in the wake of the mass of Muslim migrants prove as much.

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