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Toronto Schools Ban Field Trips to the U.S. to Protest Trump’s Travel Ban

Toronto school boards have taken a stand against President Trump, by banning field trips to the U.S. due to their strong disagreement of the “travel ban.”

They’re still undecided whether or not this is a political statement, but given the fact that the travel ban does not include Canada, we would say that it is.

From The Daily Caller

“We’re committed as a school board to equity, inclusiveness and fairness, and it’s not appropriate that some students would not be able to attend based on their country of birth,” said TDSB chair Robin Pilkey.

On Friday, board spokesperson Ryan Bird told CBC News that the ban will continue “until further notice.”

When asked if the board was attempting to make a political statement about its opposition to Trump and his temporary travel ban, Bird replied, “I think this is about the information that we have in front of us. I think it’s about the equity and inclusion angle.”

He then added, “I’m not naïve to say that it doesn’t make a statement, but the decision is not being made as a statement.”

The board’s concern is based entirely on an assumption that some students may be turned away at the border even if their documents are in order. Bird admits this assumption is based on anecdotal information.