THE TRUMP EFFECT : China Tycoon Moves Jobs to US, Citing High Taxes at Home

Well well well…. it turns out that Trump’s theory is right along. When you create the correct incentives for businesspeople to come to the USA to run their businesses, they come. When you stupidly run an anti-business administration like Obama did, they FLEE.

From AFP

Shanghai (AFP) – A Chinese auto glass tycoon has caused a stir by shifting part of his empire to the United States and setting up a factory in Ohio, citing high taxes and soaring labour costs at home.

Cao Dewang’s $600-million investment comes after Donald Trump threatened to declare Beijing a currency manipulator and slap 45 percent punitive tariffs on Chinese imports to protect American jobs.

The 70-year-old tycoon’s decision to open a glass factory in the eastern American state of Ohio in October — a rare case of jobs being exported from China to the US — triggered an outpouring of criticism on social media.

The phrase “Cao Dewang has escaped” became a hot topic, generating nearly 10 million views on the Twitter-like Weibo microblog and many comments urging China to “not let Cao Dewang run away”.

Cao’s Fuyao Glass Industry Group — a supplier to big names including Volkswagen and General Motors — claims to be the biggest exporter of auto glass in the world, reporting 2.6 billion yuan ($370 million) profits last year.

The “Trump effect”is already changing the American economy for the better, and President Elect Trump has not even taken office yet!

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