The NeverTrump “Candidate” Evan McCullin Has a Phony Resume

The Republican globalists have put up an unknown Morman guy named Evan McCullin to “take on” Donald Trump.

Evan McCullin, a former GOP staffer who no one has ever heard of is the latest #NeverTrump candidate –  and his resume is a mess.

From Gateway Pundit

He claims on Linked in that he started working for the CIA in 1999.

However, on his official “campaign website” it says he was in “CIA training in 2001 at CIA HQ in Langley, VA.”

Also, CIA operatives train at Camp Peary, near Williamsburg, Virginia.

The CIA facility is called “The Farm.”

Operatives don’t train at Langley!

Finally– here’s McMullin’s education from LinkedIn.
mcmullin education

McMullin says he graduated from BYU in 2001 but joined the CIA in 1999?
Then while serving overseas as a clandestine CIA operative, he got an MBA from the Wharton School?

Finally, he doesn’t speak Arabic. If he did anything in the Middle East, he was a desk jockey, not an operative.
His own Linkedin bio says he MANAGED operations.

McMullim’s Linkedin bio says he graduated from BYU in 2001.

But he said he did missionary work in Brazil after 2001; Mormon males spend two years as missionaries.

The Wikipedia page says he did his missionary work after graduating from BYU in 2001. That would mean he wouldn’t be available to join the CIA until 2003, not 1999 or 2001.

The Linkedin page says he spent the year 1997 on a commercial fishing vessel.

And even though he worked in Jordan and was then a “CIA operative” in the Middle East, he doesn’t speak Arabic.

Way to go #NeverTrump, you guys put up a total fraud!

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