The COLLAPSE of Hillary, She DROPS 8 Points in 4 Days

These stupid polls are a joke.

In a pathetic attempt to paint Hillary as the CLEAR WINNER the media and the pollsters created a FALSE narrative that she was SURGING and Trump should “Delete His Campaign.”

Completely false.

As if by a miracle suddenly Hillary has dropped 8 points in 4 days.

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This is reminiscent of the shenanigans the media and pollsters tried to pull after the disastrous DNC convention where Hillary was booed, and her party chanted “LOCK HER UP!”

Our North Korea-style media tried to convince us she was 12-14 points up.

hillary-collapse screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-46-50-am

From Gateway Pundit:

The mainstream media skews polls to discourage Republican voters and has done it for years.
In 1980 pollsters had Ronald Reagan down 7 points to Jimmy Carter two weeks before the election.
Two weeks later Reagan won the election by over NINE POINTS50.75% to 41%.

Ann Coulter warned in her book Slander in 2003 that the far left mainstream media outlets always use polls to push their agenda.

So after having Hillary Clinton up 12 points on Donald Trump on Monday – she is only up 4 points today.
The Washington Post called the election for Hillary Clinton a week ago.
Now it’s a tossup.


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