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REMINDER : Crazy Joe Biden Called Trump “Unpatriotic” For “Not Paying His Taxes”

During the 2016 election, liberals, supported by our lying fake news media, pushed a false narrative that Donald Trump had not paid his taxes – some saying he had not paid a penny 18 years.

Like with the Russia story now, there was absolutely no proof to back up the outlandish claims.

But facts don’t matter to liberals, they just continue repeating the same rumor until they can call it “news.”

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That’s exactly what happened with the Trump “Tax Bombshell,” as CNN called it – and bumbling buffoon Joe Biden helped push the false story by declaring Trump “unpatriotic” for not paying his taxes.

Of course, we now know there was no “tax bombshell” and President Trump pays a lot in taxes – far more than “unpatriotic” Joe Biden.

Thanks Rachel Maddow, for accidentally exposing Joe Biden as a LYING HACK.

Watch the video:

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