Potential Trump VP General Michael Flynn DESTROYS Hillary Clinton

CLEVELAND — The latest name to surface in Donald Trump’s vice presidential search criticized Democrat Hillary Clinton on Sunday for what he called a lack of leadership in the wake of last week’s shootings involving police and African Americans.

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, speaking on ABC’s This Week, also indicated he supports abortion rights and downplayed the significance of the same-sex marriage issue, saying the election should be about national security.

“It’s about leadership, and it’s about responsible leadership as well,” Flynn told ABC. “The country is going in the wrong direction.”

Flynn said Clinton’s comments after this week’s violence — the shooting deaths of two African-American men by police and the killings of five police officers in Dallas — were “totally irresponsible when she talked about white people being to blame. I mean, that is so irresponsible.”

A Clinton supporter, Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, told ABC that Clinton also honored police officers and said all people should respect the difficult jobs they do. He said the Democratic presidential candidate has “been somebody who’s tried to heal the divisions of our country.”

The retired general, who once worked in the Obama administration, also criticized the FBI for declining to recommend prosecution of Clinton over her use of private email as secretary of state.

While Flynn said he was not speaking for Trump, he is “honored” by reports that the businessman is considering him for running mate.

H/T – USAToday 

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