Planned Parenthood Donated $734,000 to Failed Georgia Election

This was not money well spent…

Planned Parenthood donated a whopping $734,000 to Jon Ossoff in the failed Georgia special election.

That puts them second in campaign contributions to the DNC, who poured in $4.9 million.

The abortion giant should really be saving their pennies, considering clinics are folding up all across the nation.

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From the Washinton Times

Jon Ossoff lost the House race in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District despite receiving nearly three-quarters of $1 million from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

With $734,000 in campaign contributions, the abortion giant was the second-biggest spender on the Democratic side of the ledger — only trailing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which poured $4.9 million into the race.

Mr. Ossoff raised a historic $23 million to try to pick off the seat vacated by former Rep. Tom Price, who was appointed to head the Department of Health and Human Services by President Trump.

But he lost to pro-life Republican Karen Handel by nearly 4 points.

Mr. Trump won Georgia’s 6th District by just 1.5 points in the general election, and Democrats saw the race as a referendum on the early months of the Trump presidency.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said it turned out to be a referendum on Planned Parenthood.

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