Patriots Takes to the Streets to #MarchAgainstSharia

The #MarchAgainstSharia is the march for human rights.

Even in its most “so-called” moderate forms, Sharia Law is a 7th-Century set of laws that allow men to treat women and gays like garbage.

While radical #AltISIS Democrats support Sharia Law as “beautiful and peaceful,” the truth of the matter is that Sharia Law is the reason many women are imprisoned for “tempting men to rape them,” and why gays are hung in the town square.

It’s the reason women can’t drive and need a MALE ESCORT when going out of the house.

It’s why women are forced to dress from head-to-toe in fabric “garbage bags.”

There’s nothing “beautiful or peaceful” about Sharia law.

It has NO PLACE in a civilized society.

Today across the nation American patriots are coming out to #MarchAgainstSharia and march for women and gay rights.

Watch the video:

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