OOPS! Sally Yates Admits She Overruled a LEGAL Executive Order

The liberal mainstream media is not reported a BOMBSHELL that occurred earlier today.

Yates outright admitted that  before being fired, with no authority, she over-ruled what she knew was a LEGAL Executive Order.

More proof ANY Obama holdovers need to be drained!

From RightScoop

Sally Yates admitted today in an exchange with Senator Cornyn that the Office of Legal Counsel reviewed Trump’s immigration EO and found it to be completely legal. Yet she had the audacity to overrule the Office of Legal Counsel and deem it unconstitutional.

She did what a few of the federal courts did that overruled it. She looked outside the language and detail of the actual order itself to Trump’s campaign statements in 2016 to deem it unconstitutional, which is only something a liberal hack would do.

Sure, Trump said a lot of stupid things on the campaign trail, but that doesn’t mean that he’s following through on any of it.

For all they know he could have had a change of policy from after he began getting top secret briefings, or maybe on the advice of his counsel. Or maybe he just said stupid stuff to get elected and didn’t mean any of it.

Sally Yates doesn’t have the ability to read minds and motivations, therefore she must take the EO for what it says.

If it’s legal, it’s legal – end of story.

Watch the video:


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