Obama’s America : Replace 49 Dead Americans in Orlando With 49 Syrian “Refugees”

Let’s Keep Bringing in People From Countries Who Hate Gay People


49 People were slaughtered in a terrorist attack in Orlando last Sunday.

And right on cue…..

Obama sends 49 Syrian Muslim Refugees to Florida in the days following the terror attack.

Since the terrorist attack, the Obama administration has imported 441 Syrian refugees into the United States, scattering them across the nation, over 26 states, with three states receiving the highest number: Illinois (60), Florida (49), and Arizona (38).

Out of 441 refugees, only 5 of them are Christian, one claims “no religion,” and the rest are Muslim.

Why the hell are we bringing in people from a part of the world that hate gays and treat women like second-class citizens?

As the people of Florida continue to mourn their dead, Obama sent the 49 Muslims to Orlando, Kissimmee, Clearwater, Delray Beach, Miami, Pensacola, and Tampa.


From Breitbart:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he is opposed to resetteling Syrian refugees in his state amid ongoing vetting concerns. Tuesday, following the attack, Scott expressed frustration that the administration is refusing to share information about the Syrians placed in his state.

“The White House said they will not share that information with the Florida law enforcement. They said, oh, that — those people have privacy rights,” Scott said during an appearance on Fox News.

“What about our security rights?” Scott continued. “The security and making sure if you live in my state, you’re gonna be safe. I’m responsible for the safety of the people in my state. I’m fed up with the fact that we’re not destroying ISIS. We’re not vetting these people; we’re not taking care of our own citizens.”

The reckless Obama administration has escalated the vetting and processing speed of the refugee resettlement program so they can meet their goal of 10,000 refugees before the end of September.

During the first half of June, 1,523 Syrian refugees were admitted, exceeding last month’s total of 1,069.

So far this fiscal year, 4,328 Syrian refugees have been resettled in America, and of those only 39 are Christian.

This week CIA Director John Brennan warned that ISIS is infiltrating themselves into the refugee program.

Gee, ya think?

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