Obama Makes a Sudden Trip to Hawaii 48 HOURS BEFORE Judge Blocks Travel Ban

Is this just a coincidence or something more?

President Trump’s travel ban was blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii just 48 hours after Obama made a surprise visit to the same state.

This could be more proof the Obama appointed judge is a deep state saboteur.

From InfoWars

Hours before Trump’s travel ban on individuals from six Muslim countries was set to go into effect yesterday, US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who presides in Honolulu, slapped down the policy, citing Trump’s comments on Muslims during the presidential campaign as part of his reason for blocking the ban.

Watson was nominated by Obama to the position in November 2012, having graduated from Harvard law school in the same year as Obama.

As the Honolulu Star reported, Obama “made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday,” just three months after his last official holiday visit as president, arriving with a small entourage that included a Secret Service detail.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users noted that Obama had dinner at the Noi Thai restaurant, which is just minutes away from the courthouse and that Obama was, “likely within 5 minutes of the judge’s house at one point on the drive over.”

PopSugar reports that Obama played golf but was “still making time to take care of business” as he met with tech leaders and that “his return to politics might be sooner than we think.”



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