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Obama Left Trump a WELL FUNDED NUCLEAR MESS in Iran!

President Trump inherited such a mess from previous administrations, it’s almost unbelievable; not only is he dealing with an increasingly paranoid (and nuclear equipped) North Korea, he’s also got to deal with Iran, an aspiring nuclear power itself.

When former president Barack Obama bent over and allowed the Iranian government to have whatever they wanted, he paved the way for an extremely dangerous situation to occur, and left the mess for Trump to clean up.

President Trump has long-criticized Obama’s failed foreign policy, especially in regards to the disastrous “Iran Deal,” in which Obama gave the America-hating nation an ungodly sum of money, as well as allowing them to further their advancements in nuclear technology.

Now, after more criticism from President Trump, Iranian foreign minister¬†Mohammad Javad Zarif is sounding off, and he’s accusing Trump of “bad faith,” as well as “trying to kill” the deal.

Zarif said recently that President Trump is trying to get out of the horrible Iranian deal, stating,¬†“To avoid isolation, he’s trying to blame it on Iran.”

The thing is, Iran should NOT be a nuclear power: they are unstable, they’re lead by religious zealots and fanatics, they hate our allies, and they literally have a holiday which is dedicated to chanting “death to America!”

Thanks to inept leadership on the part of Obama and previous administrations, including Bush and Clinton, President Trump is having to deal with not just one, but TWO hostile governments that possess nuclear weapons, in addition to having to also contend with the Deep State here at home.

Though President Trump is up against insurmountable odds, and it seems as though his enemies outnumber his friends by enormous odds, he is continuing to fight for America, and has already done so much to “Make America Great Again” in the short time he’s been in office.