NEW POLL : Majority of Trump Supporters Tune Out When Award Shows Get Political

A YUGE majority of  Trump supporters change the channel when awards shows get too political according to a new poll.

While 66% claim they tune out, I tend to think that number is even higher than reported.

Trump supporters have no time to listen to elite liberals spew out political BS.

Regardless, these numbers spell “bad ratings” for the upcoming Oscars.

From Daily Caller

According to a new poll conducted by the Hollywood Reporter, 66 percent of Trump voters said they have stopped watching an awards show because a celebrity started talking about politics while accepting an award, while only 19 percent of Hillary Clinton’s supporters have done so.

That same poll — which surveyed an estimated 800 people who were split down the middle between Trump and Clinton ahead of the Academy Awards this Sunday — found that 69 percent of Trump voters don’t like political speeches at awards shows.

Nearly 80 percent of Trump voters said Hollywood does not represent their core values.

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