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NEW POLL : 59% of Americans Say the Liberal Media Angers Them

The liberal media continues their downward spiral.

A new poll reveals that the majority of Americans find the media angering and dissatisfying.

Who does the polling publication blame?

Well, Trump of course.

They argue that the president has influenced a negative view of the media.

But, as everyone knows, the negativity is self-inflicted by the liberal pundits themselves.

It’s not as if the president personally asks for networks like CNN to constantly spread fake stories and lambaste him on a daily basis.

This is all just a way for the media to justify their behavior and put the blame on Trump yet again.

From the Washington Examiner

A new Quinnipiac poll asked this question:

“I am going to mention four phrases and ask you which one best describes how you feel about the job the news media has been doing covering American politics. Do you feel enthusiastic, satisfied but not enthusiastic, dissatisfied but not angry, or angry?”

  • Enthusiastic: 10%
  • Satisfied: 30%
  • Dissatisfied: 33%
  • Angry: 26%

Who to blame? President Trump, of course.

Quinnipiac said that a majority believe that Trump has helped to change attitudes about the media for the worse:

“Do you believe that President Trump has changed American attitudes towards the news media for the better, for the worse, or hasn’t President Trump had an impact on American attitudes towards the news media?”

  • For the better: 22%
  • For the worse: 52%
  • No impact: 20%