New Anti-Trump APP Lists 250 Companies to AVOID, So Let’s Support Them!

We will use this app to find pro-Trump companies to support.

The APP is called “Boycott Trump” and was created by a bitter loser named Nathan Lerner.

You can find the APP here.

Let’s use it to SUPPORT pro-Trump companies and make sure we off-set any anti-Trump protests.

From Techcrunch:

The app, though fairly rudimentary in design, offers a searchable, alphabetical list of companies and businesses with ties to Trump’s business empire, offering a brief description for each. For what it’s worth, the president-elect has an unprecedented number of extragovernmental business ties, a fact that doesn’t seem to trouble him or his supporters one bit. He recently made headlines with the eerily Nixonian declaration that “the president can’t have a conflict of interest.”

Some of the businesses listed have more direct ties than others. Many of the clothing companies on the app for example made the list for carrying items from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Some of the companies are also easier to avoid than others; the average consumer might not have difficulties eschewing their Gucci shopping (the flagship store in Trump Tower), but kicking their Starbucks habit (which has locations in Trump Tower) may prove more challenging.

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