MSNBC Lies, Claims Sebastian Gorka Wears a “NAZI” Pin

If you thought the Russian hysteria was bad, wait until the left unloads their Nazi insanity.

We’ve seen small bits of it here and there, but mainly Liberals and the fake news media have been focused on Russia nonsense.

Now that the Russia story is fading off into the distance, the “Nazi” narrative will start to take stronger shape.

You can already see it happening.

During a segment on MSNBC, the panelist falsely claimed that Sebastian Gorka wears a “Nazi” pin.

A rumor that was debunked eons ago.

This is something we’ve seen for a while from the left: they call anyone to the right of Karl Marx a “Nazi” or a “fascist,” which is a tactic used to shame conservatives into being silent, and to “justify” using violence against us…

From Breitbart

n reaction to the Charlottesville, VA protest, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts accused national security adviser to President Donald Trump Dr. Sebastian Gorka of wearing a pin associated with the Nazis from World War II.

“[White nationalists] have a friend in the White House with Sebastian Gorka wearing that type of Nazi paraphernalia, pin,” Roberts said Saturday. “And the rest of the dog whistle flirting that happens from this administration.”

Breitbart News debunked previous claims that Gorka is a Nazi sympathizer after he sported his late father’s medal “for his bravery during the Resistance” (against Soviet communism) at an inaugural ball.

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