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Mike Huckabee Has Perfect Solution for N. Korea Involving Maxine Waters…

Mike Huckabee offered a new and ingenious solution to President Trump to de-escalate the nuclear weapon threats from North Korea: send in Maxine Waters.

It’s really perfect solution…

Mad Max will drive Kim Jong-un to the point of madness!

Well, he’s already insane, but you get the point.

From the Washinton Examiner

“[Trump] has dispatched Maxine Waters to NOKO to talk to Lil Kim,” Huckabee joked about the Democratic lawmaker who frequently calls for Trump’s impeachment.

“After 1/2 hour with her he will drink whatever he gave to his 1/2 brother,” the tweet continued.

South Korea said in February, North Korea’s leader ordered his half-brother Kim Jong Nam killed after the latter was assassinated with a chemical nerve agent in a Malaysia airport.