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MEDIA HIDING TRUTH : Portland Stabber Supported Bernie and Stein, NOT Trump

Because the Portland Stabber Jeremy Christian is a Caucasian male, the mainstream media has been salivating over wanting to use this one example as violence from a Trump supporter.

Unfortunately, a new bombshell report from GotNews shows that is NOT the case.

In fact, since he was an outspoken Bernie and Jill Stein supporter the mainstream media does what they do best, ignore the truth and hide the facts.

From GotNews

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A Bernie Sanders- and Jill Stein-supporting radical, Jeremy Christian, is in police custody after murdering two men and harassing Muslims in Portland, Oregon on Friday—leaving deceitful Democrat propagandists frenzied to shift blame away from their heroes and onto President Donald J. Trump.

On April 29, a camerman with The Portland Mercury caught Christian yelling at black people, “F*ck all you n*ggers.”

82nd Ave March – baseball bat guy pt 2 – 4/29/2017 from Doug Brown on Vimeo.

Facebook posts from the racist, 35-year-old psychopathic suspect support a 2017 presidential ticket with Vermont Socialist Senator Sanders and two-time Green Party presidential candidate, and fellow socialist, Stein.

“Sanders/Stein 2017!!!” wrote Christian on Jan. 25, adding, “We the People have the right (As enshrined in our Constitution) to change any government by any means necessary!!!”

On Jan. 12, on Facebook, Christian threatened to “kill everybody who voted for Trump or Hillary!!!”

Added Christian, to Trump and Clinton supporters, “Reveal yourselves immediately and face your DOOM!!!”

When will Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein disavow support from this hateful lunatic?


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