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Media Bashes Trump for Firing Attorneys, But Went Silent When Obama Did the Same Thing in 2009

In a move that was highly regarded by President Trump, Jeff Sessions asked the remaining 46 Obama appointed federal attorneys to resign.

Although Trump is receiving a ton of heat from the media, Obama did the same thing back in 2009 and received ZERO blowback from this standard procedure.

From The Blaze

However, the Trump administration isn’t the only presidential administration to purge their administration of holdover U.S. attorneys. In fact, Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama, did it in 2009.

And when Obama did it the tone from the mainstream media over the move was remarkably different than the tone they took on Friday when Trump did it.

One outlet, Politico, wrote in May 2009 that Obama was going to “replace” Bush attorneys en masse. On Friday, the same outlet wrote that Trump “ousts” Obama’s attorneys — a much harsher tone.

The story on Trump also made it seem as if Trump was the first president to demand such a mass resignation from U.S. attorneys — which simply isn’t true.